Even though there are people who have never tried the products of The Hive, these is no one who would only use the products for one time.

Power tools market is already technologically saturated.

Our goal is not trying to make cost-competitive and quality-competitive tools to compare with the existing products,

but is to make products that contain the concepts of The Hive, and solve problems for our customers.

Creating products with unique colors is the only assignment that The Hive chose for itself.



Low voltage power tools belong to the category of Innovation Tool.

We develop products with slight differences and few performance improvement,

even for those who are familiar with general tools would find them satisfying.

We do not think unique products are innovative.

A product that can satisfy you is an innovative product of The Hive.



High specification tools belong to the category of Industrial Tool.

Products development starts with a foundation of the original ideas of The Hive and the requests of our buyers.

These are not power tools simply with batteries installed, but are ones that include many projects with foolproof systems.